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  Raw Moldavite Pocket Stone
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"My moldavite pendant is a godsend! Whenever I feel anxious, I put it on immediately.It is amazing how quickly I feel calm again. Just knowing that I have this pendant, I no longer have to fear the onset of panic."

K.K. -
Union, NJ

"Shortly after I purchased my first Moldavite pendant, a dear friend was in the hospital to donate a kidney to his father.

"He was a healthy young man in his twenties, but was not recuperating from the procedure as expected. If his lower digestive system didn't recover soon, his life would be in danger.

"I had read about Moldavite's powerful healing properties, so I decided to place my pendant around his neck. He showed a near immediate recovery!

"To this day, he credits the Moldavite pendant with his rapid turnaround. He swears he felt better the moment I put my pendant around his neck. Since then I am truly a believer when it comes to the power of Moldavite."

N.L. -
San Antonio, TX

"Recently, during my meditation practice, I was astounded by an expanded flow of Chi energy coursing through me. I realized later that I was wearing the new Moldavite pendant my wife purchased for me! Adding Moldavite made a dramatic improvement in my session. I have since been enjoying phenomenal long-term results of including Moldavite in my spiritual/body work."

S.C. -
Miami, FL

"I recommend Moldavite for pets! Moldavite works so well when I'm feeling anxious, I decided to try it out on my dog. He gets especially nervous during moves, so I put a moldavite pendant on his collar during moving day. It really works! He is clearly more relaxed when he wears it.

Thanks Healing Pendants!"

E.K. -
Houston, TX


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